Diplomatic Sales Program

Diplomatic Sales Program

Audi Diplomatic Sales Program Russia

Audi Diplomatic Program Russia

Hereby Audi Centre Vitebskiy, authorized Diplomatic Sales Agent in Russia, is confirming its highest respect to you.

Now we are introducing to you our permanent Diplomatic Program.

1998 was the year the first Audi car was officially sold in Russia. That was the start of Audi success in our country. Success supported by immense sales growth. Success shared with us by our professional team. Success, which means the real leadership proven by the loyalty and trust of our numerous customers.
Audi now is the car of choice for business, political and diplomatic elite. It is the brand for those who now determine the future. For those who do not accept any compromise.
Dynamics and style, fascinating quality, customer oriented Diplomatic Program and flexibility in relations with clients – these Audi distinguishing features are so well-known to many diplomatic missions and international organizations operating in Russia. To mention a few Embassies: Austria, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Australia, Brazil, China, Republic of Korea, Angola, Japan, Estonia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, UN Office, IOM, IBEC, ICSTI, Delegation of EU Сommission and German Embassy in Russia as well.
Welcome to the world of opportunities and find out more about Audi Diplomatic Program in Russia.
Audi. The leaders' choice.

Audi Diplomatic Program Russia
Audi Centre Vitebskiy
Vitebskiy pr, 17/2 S-Petersburg Russia

Telephone/fax: 7 (812) 334-35-00

Special terms and conditions

Our vision at Audi is to meet all your needs and satisfy your privileges wherever you are. According to the international diplomatic practice you can take the advantage of preferential prices free of customs duties and VAT. All prices are Audi AG ex-works including an additional diplomatic discount from Audi AG – they are quite interesting.

You can trust us – we appreciate all the exclusive rights and privileges of diplomatic corps in Russia. We are strictly follow main international agreements and Russian government tax regulations:

  • Vienna Convention for diplomatic relations, 1961.
  • Vienna Convention for consular relations, 1963.
  • UN Convention for privileges and immunities for specialized organizations, 1947.
  • Other main agreements between Russia and international organizations.

Audi Diplomatic Program is exclusive open for foreign diplomatic missions, international organizations and their personnel in Russia:

  • Embassies and Consulate Offices across the Russia.
  • International organizations and its regional offices.
  • Diplomatic, consular and administrative personnel and family’s members.
  • Foreign Residents and management personnel of international organizations.
  • Foreign citizens possessing diplomatic and customs privileges in Russia.